Propak Verpackung

Prinsen Propak-Verpackungsmaschinen


Propak Verpackungsmaschinen

A robust bagger for single bags that even does its job under harsh conditions. Just hook on an empty bag, the BAGmasterJN does the rest.

- Geschikt voor diverse zak materialen.
- Suitable for various bag materials.
- Touch screen operation.
- All machine settings can be adjusted ‘real time’ during operation   of the machine.
- Pneumatic, easy exchangeable, bag holder.
- Heavy duty industrial sewing head.
- The sewing head can be tilted backwards for an easy accessible threading.
- Synchronisation with automatic palletiser.
- Optional thread break detection, lint label printer, double discharge  belt for capacity enhancement and a certificate dispenser for seed    potatoes.

PDF-Dokument foto document JN-ZK1
PDF-Dokument voorstel A-001 engels JN

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