Euro-Jabelmann Palletising machine

EURO-palletising machine

Manufactured in the Netherlands and frame powder-coated (stove-enamel finish). As of now available in the section: New machinery.
Fully automatic palletising machine WiBo 8 by Kloppenburg
-    For bags from 5 – 50 kilos
-    Also available with winding machine (Additional cost)
-    Available with all the supplies such as supply and conveyor belt, and roller conveyor etc.

For this machine an individual counselling on-site is recommend as the machine has to be adjusted and we can put together our in-house manufactured supplies. Please do call us, we look forward to advice you.
If necessary, we do also offer suitable winding machines
Delivery and financing are also possible:

Technical details / Dimensions of palletising machine:
Length/width/Height: 3250 x 2000 x 3950 mm
Feeding belt: 1800 mm
Weight with belt: approx. 1480kg
Capacity with 25 kg bags: up to 600 bags/hr, approx. 15t/hr max.
Capacity with 50 kg bags: up to 600 bags7hr, approx. 30t/hr max.
Pallets dimensions: 1100 x 1300 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm, 800 x 1200 mm
Stacking programmes: 50, freely programmable
Control: Siemens PLC, Type S 7
Voltage: 220/380 volt alternating current, 3-phase currents, neutral to earth, plug according to wish
Main fuse: 10 amp  
Air pressure: max. 9 bar, set point 150 l / min
Varying designs and specifications are possible

PDF-Document Prospekt Palletising machine

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