Visser palletising machine


Visser palletising machine

For the automatic stacking of jute or net bags (from 10 to 50 kg)

-    A very compact machine
-    User friendly thanks to a clear screen with German language
-    Small drop height of the gripper ensures goods remain undamaged
-    Precise stacking via frequency-controlled motors
-    6 standard programs and 28 are free programmable
-    Pallet dimensions: 1600 x 1200, 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 800
-    Many empty pallets insertable up to a total stack height of 2.4 m
-    Insertable roller conveyor with non-circular rolls to balance the sack out

It is possible to programme up to 4 different patters during a palettizing process. Special designs are also possible.

The sack is transported over a height adjustable conveyor belt. Then, the sack is pushed through with the bottom side. The sewn-up or clipped sack can be supplied from 2 sides.
Capacity: 450 – 600 sacks per hour.

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